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  1. Emotional Intelligence & Interpersonal Skills Programme
    1. We address every aspect of Emotional Intelligence, including its definition, importance, benefits, application and research on how it has been applied to help thousands of people worldwide and we link it with principles of interpersonal skills.
  2. Customer Relations Management Programme
    1. Batho-Pele Principles for Public Service are explored, and all tools needed by all organizations in championing and offering the best customer care to their client. We also give you tips on how to exceed customer expectations, and how to retain loyal customers.
  3. Work - Life Balance Programme
    1. The programme focuses on ways the organization can help its employees to strike a balance between work and life ,so as to encourage maximum productivity and service delivery. We also have an exercise where employees are trained to develop a Personal Development Programme (Plan) for performance appraisal purposes career pathing.
  4. HIV/AIDS (Train the Trainer)
    1. HIV/AIDS and Employee Wellness is one of our core programmes because of the capacity we have in executing it. We have at our disposal highly trained facilitators who are passionate about the subject and are also involved in HIV/AIDS matters in the community. This is a comprehensive programe, which covers but not limited to the following areas:
      1. Men’s & Women’s Dialogues on HIV/AIDS
      2. Studies on the Global Spread of HIV/AIDS
      3. Statistics & Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS
      4. HIV/AIDS: Human Right & Prevention: The “ABC” Message
      5. How to encourage people to know their status (VCT)
      6. Workplace HIV/AIDS Management: Exploring the Organization’s Role in Implementing Prevention Strategies & Policies
      7. Treatment (ART), Care (Home- based, etc) & Support (Support Groups, etc)
      8. Dealing with Disclosure, Stigma& Discrimination
      9. HIV/AIDS, EAP & Employee Wellness / HIV/AIDS & The Law
  5. Office Management (Personal Assistants, Admin staff and Secretaries)
    1. We assist frontline staff to develop telephone etiquette & reception skills, effective document management and book keeping (filing, organizing, etc), how to handle meetings, organize agenda, compile minutes, write business correspondence and reports. We empower them on how to efficiently manage the office (admin) environment.
  6. Leadership & Management Development
    1. We believe that every person is a leader in one way or another. We show organizations all theories, laws, principles, methodologies, styles, and studies which prove that with good leadership and management, all organizations have the potential to rise above any circumstances, and reproduce themselves.
  7. Project Management Programme
    1. We assist individuals and organizations with tried and tested methods and principles to successfully manage any project, whether BIG or small. During workshops, we create “live” projects and show delegates all possibilities of running successful projects.
  8. Performance Management System & Development Programme
    1. The success of any organization depends on the performance and productivity of its employees. This programme offers principles that guide successful implementation of Performance Management Systems that seeks to empower every employee in areas that need development, and encourage peak performance.
  9. Facilitation & Presentation Programme
    1. Managers and supervisors are often required to do presentations. Normally this causes a lot of panic and anxiety, not because the manager does not know the subject matter, but the person is worried as to how the message will be received by the audience during and after the presentation. Bonus: All delegates get an opportunity to do presentations and are videotaped and given copies of their DVDs as part of the feedback and to view & criticize themselves constructively.
  10. Personal Financial Management Programme
    1. Research has shown that money problems impacts negatively on employee productivity. In these tough economic times, employees and managers need to be empowered with tools to manage their limited financial resources. Debt management, budgeting, saving & investments, paying off the bond quicker, the National Credit Act, completion of SARS forms, etc are covered.
  11. Computer Literacy Programme
    1. The programme will focus on Introduction to Computers, Understanding Operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, etc. Software packages such as Microsoft Office will include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Internet & Email.
  12. Stress Management
    1. We cover every aspect of stress such as its origin, causes, diagnosis, psychosocial effects, and how to deal with it effectively in the workplace and in your private life.
  13. Domestic Training (For Cleaners, Tea Ladies & “House Mothers”)
    1. The training equips Cleaners, Tea Ladies, and General Workers with skills to understanding their job description, the importance of planning & organizing their work, understanding employer expectations, gain new skills by going an extra mile, how to provide good service to guests, Storage and Resource Maintenance, usage of Equipment, and maintenance, storage of cleaning equipment and material, and personal hygiene.
  14. General Maintenance & Artisan Skills
    1. We offer Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced training on Plumbing, Electricity, Painting, Welding, Paving, Glazing, and Carpentry to General Workers who are responsible for general maintenance services in your organization. We equip them with skills to fix leaking taps & pipes, fixing broken windows, replacing plugs and connecting wires, fixing broken chairs and fences, painting and Paving professionally, etc. This cause is presented in English and indigenous languages, and includes Safety Measures that workers need to abide by and we introduce them to Occupational Health & Safety Act, to prevent injuries.
  15. EAP & Wellness Programme (Trainer the Trainer)
    1. Peer Educators and Wellness Practitioners are empowered with counseling skills, trauma debriefing, and are skilled on how to coordinate and promote wellness programmes for maximum use by employees. The origin, benefits, cases of wellness programmes, how to identify troubled employees and refer them for help, making use of external providers, etc are issues discussed in this training.
  16. Report Writing, WSP, ATR and Business Communication
    1. Managers are often required to write daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly reports. We train employees, supervisors and middle management how to construct professional reports. We focus on style, grammar, formats and templates of report writing. For training managers, we show them how to prepare excellent Workplace Skills Plans (WSP) and Annual Training Reports (ATR) for their Workplace and Setas.
  17. Team Work
    1. We explore the importance of Team Work in the Workplace, Discuss Team Dynamics, Conflict management, Dealing with Racial & Cultural Diversity, and How to create Power Teams in your organization
  18. Strategic Planning & Organizational Development
    1. We link the individual, organizational vision, mission, objectives to organizational strategy and show how to develop, harmonize and implement strategy for organizational effectiveness and development.
  19. Understanding and interpretation of financial statements
    1. This course is designed for non financial managers. It highlights what areas to look out for in financial statements and what impact they have on the business.
  20. Accounting Basics
    1. An introduction to accounting and book keeping. Maintenance of accounting records and document management.
  21. Year end audit preparation
    1. This course prepares the organization for an audit, expectations from auditors, what auditors look for and how the organization benefits from the audit.
  22. Employees tax
    1. This deals with the preparation and submission of tax returns to SARS, the use of SARS efiling, allowable SARS deductions.


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