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Our Vision

To be a leading  provider of quality Financial services and Human Resource Development  services in South Africa.

Our Mission

To promote business growth and quality service delivery through provision of auditing, taxation, business consultation and training services to public and private sector institutions.


  • Provide financial services through audits, taxation, risk management, and business advisory
  • Provide in-house and out-door training in specific client demanded short-term training as well as generic training in Government’s  identified Priority Skills that aim to address the current skills gap in South Africa


Training Objectives

  • To unlock hidden God-given potential in participants.
  • To maximize discovered potential.
  • To release the potential.
  • To enhance efficiency at work and in businesses.



Madalitso Chartered Accountants believe in and uphold the “REE” principles, namely;

  • Responsibility: We respond 100% to the developmental needs of our clients and believe these are our full responsibility;
  • Effective: We produce and offer effective, high quality programmes that have a dynamic impact on the lives of our trainees;
  • Efficiency: We help individuals to show efficiency in their working environments and serve all our clients with the utmost zeal and unquestionable professionalism.

Why you should choose us

  • We design the programmes according to client demands.
  • Before any training takes place we first do a needs analysis by listening to the deep-seated needs of our clients so that we can develop customized training materials and effectively respond by bridging existing gaps.
  • We have a pool of highly skilled Trainers and Facilitators who have the experience and expertise to execute tasks at hand with more than twenty years of training and facilitation skills experience.
  • We are flexible to deliver the material during the time best suited to our clients.


Short Programmes and Accreditation

The South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) defines a short course as “a type of learning programme for which the learner may or may not be awarded credits depending on the purpose of the programme.” (

SAQA believes that “short course provision is one of the most dynamic features of the emerging education and training system of South Africa. They are particularly associated with ‘just-in-time’ and ‘just enough’ learning. Furthermore, short courses and skills programmes are often associated with continuing professional development and the dissemination of ‘new’ knowledge.”

Madalitso Chartered Accountants is provisionally accredited with the Services SETA. SAQA does acknowledge non-credit-bearing short courses which “are short learning programmes for which no credits are awarded in relation to unit standards or (part) qualifications depending on the purpose…” There are short courses which do not necessary require accreditation and include seminars, workshops, and refresher courses where no assessment takes place.

As a company, we have witnessed attitudes change and productivity increase because of these powerful, life-changing programmes. Try us also if you need sustained change!


Youth Development Programmes

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Dates to be confirmed

This interactive programmes focuses Personal qualities, Abilities & aptitudes, Interests, Aspirations, Needs, Values, Maturity, Interpersonal skills...

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Dates to be confirmed

Young people come from diverse backgrounds and we are ready and have the human capacity to meet their training and development needs wherever they are.

Organisations can engage us to reach the youth facing the following issues...